Frances Crowe

Peace & Justice Activist - USA

Frances Crowe has made a lifelong commitment to the Peace Movement and has spent the last five decades opposing war through tax resistance, a pacifist lifestyle and by leading the charge against nuclear power in New England and across the Globe. She founded the Northampton chapter of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the Sane Nuclear Policy Committee, and the Valley Peace Center. She ran the local office of the American Friends Service Committee for several decades.

Frances insists that Social Justice issues and creating informed Communities are enormous priorities. She single handedly brought the radio news program, "Democracy Now" to her Community in Northampton Massachusetts by installing a transmitter in her yard and broadcasting the show from her Home!

"I have a vision of a better world where people can live cooperatively, without violence, and that we would be able to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and provide shelter for people if we weren't spending so much money on war."

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