Razan Ghazzawi

Blogger/Journalist/Human Rights Activist - Syria

Razan Ghazzzawi is a Syrian Activist working to build and support Community in the liberated areas of Syria.

She worked as a journalist and Media Officer At The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression in the Arab World and she and her colleagues(most of her coworkers remain in detention to this day) were arrested, detained and held for significant periods of time because of their their Human Rights Reporting of abuses in Syria.

Razan was eventually released after an international call and campaign but was re-arrested a year later and upon her release she continues working Underground to report on the Uprising and working in liberated areas to rebuild with the Communities of Syria. Razan was named for the 2012 Human Rights Defenders Award for the risky work she does in telling the stories of the Uprising while so eloquently describing her own experiences in that work.

Upon her initial detention she wrote to her supporters "If anything happens to me, know that the regime does not fear the prisoners but those who do not forget them.".


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