Shireen Issawi

Human Rights Lawyer - Palestine

Shireen Issawi is a Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer who has focused on defending the rights of Palestinian Political Prisoners. She herself was arrested in March of 2014 because of her Justice work and remains imprisoned in Israel today.

Shireen was honored in December with the Alkarama Award for her Commitment to Non-Violence as the Path to Peace and in recognition of her courageous work defending Palestinian prisonersí rights.

"Humanity is the interest that we bear for each other, and our defense of the oppressed. The sense of freedom and its value can be understood only by those whose hearts beat for dignity and whose eyes shine with the hope that the sun will rise despite the darkness of the night. Letís preserve our unity and our humanity to live in a free world where people can live freely with dignity and hope." - Shireen Al Issawi, Hasharon Prison, Israel

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