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The Roots To Resistance Project has reached its completion in the painting of 12 Earthshaking Portraits of Women Activists who are changing the World. Winter 2018 marks the first time that all 12 of the Portraits have been shown together! When these pieces are not being shown they are split into two groups that live in two different spaces and are not seen with regularity the way they are when they are exhibited in a public space. Most importantly they are not seen together where they have an opportunity to make a much more profound impact and to tell the stories of challenges, loss, Resistance and profound inspirations they are meant to tell. We are looking for a permanent home for this project, an organization or University that can bring it to many more and find bigger means of support for these amazing Women. If you have ideas, connections, suggestions or interest in being the permanent home please contact us!

In the meantime we plan to get these Portraits to the Community by exhibiting them in public spaces across New England. For each exhibit, we choose one of the 12 Activists portrayed in this project and donate 50% of the funds raised to the Woman and the organization she is connected to. In this way the shows can one by one, put money into the hands of each of these amazing World changers and support the work of Women Activists and the Communities they are lifting up. Our Winter showing is facing the complexities of our Aung San Suu Kyi Portrait. We chose to address the violence being done in Myanmar to the Rohingya People by making this first show a fundraiser for the Organization BRAC, which is aiding the Rohingya who are fleeing in great numbers to Bangladesh. To date, significant funds were raised in aid of BRAC's work with the partnership of our exhibitor, Gallery In The Woods, of Brattleboro Vermont!

Our show here will be ending at the close of February and we are very eager to find exhibition spaces for Late Winter, Spring and Fall! These can be in Galleries, Community Spaces and Universities. Most importantly in Public places where the project can be seen and we can continue raising funds for the Women who will be protecting and raising up the Planet with all of the Humans and creatures that reside here. In this way we have the opportunity to be partners in support by finding pathways that will ensure the sharing of the Women's stories, the raising of money to put to their critically important aims and the continuation of a Resistance led by courageous unstoppable Women! Thank you so much for your support and interest in these amazing Worldchangers!

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Much Gratitude from Roots and the amazing Roots Women!


About A.P.E.

As an Artist and Activist trying to make the most responsible decisions about how to raise the funds for this endeavor, I chose to form a partnership with A.P.E., an organization that has been showing and supporting my work in Western Massachusetts for 10+ years. A.P.E Ltd. Is a Northampton based organization which exists to support contemporary artists working in all disciplines, by preserving and supporting the spaces in which they create, perform and exhibit their work within their communities. Partnering with A.P.E., an organization that has been working for the artists and the people of Western Massachusetts since 1977, feels like a perfect fit for a project like Roots To Resistance which first and foremost seeks to bring Art and Activism to communities and community spaces around the world.

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